“Whatever it makes, nature does not hurry.”

Our grandfathers already knew this when they appreciatively adopted fruits of the grapevine, gave them love and knowledge, and patiently waited for time to do its work.


When you visit our family farm, a pair of very special pets – named Điđi and Pepa – welcome you in the front yard; two lovely well-rounded pigs who are specially trained to find truffles.

Our pigs are everything but normal. They look a bit rough and robust, but they have a gentle and fun loving heart. From morning till evening, they protect our estate and entertain everyone who visits us.

They are exceptionally good at posing for the camera, so do not be alarmed if they strike a pose in front of you: they just want to grab your attention.


We are the Sinković family: Libero, Dora, Sergej, and Patrik. We live and work on our more than 350 year-old estate in Momjan. The idyllic medieval village of Momjan is situated on the highest hilltops of north-western Istria, where the sea air and warm sunshine come together.

We are a family, so we also cultivate our grapevines as a family – together and with plenty of love. The history of our family dates back to 1656, when the noblemen of that period recognised the beauty and richness of this land and decided to settle here. We have been continually writing our successful wine story for over 100 years. We add fresh approaches to traditional Istrian wine production in order to develop wines which keep pace with the modern times.

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