Istria is a paradise for lovers of history and people who love good food and beautiful sights.


On our estate you can fully enjoy the boons of Istria. In our restaurant you can taste various Mediterranean and Istrian specialties: from homemade prosciutto, cheese, and pasta to main courses, where the Istrian cattle “boškarin” is worth mentioning. As part of agritourism, we offer everything we produce at our estate to our guests.

Apart from wines and liqueurs, we also produce many other delicacies: marmalades, syrups, pickled vegetables, olive oil, wine and balsamic vinegar, and even beer. All products can be purchased on your visit to our estate.


You can relax from the city noise in the peace of our apartments. Accommodation on the estate comprises of 8 apartments for either 2, 3 or 4 persons. All apartments are fully equipped and offer rooms with sea and mountain view. With certainty we can say that in the midst of nature all the worries disappear.

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